TX268 Rules and Regulations

Hunting Rules

1. All rifles, shotguns and pistols shall be unloaded when not used in hunting in blind or engaged in stalking animal.

2. Must be aware of your target and do not shoot unless you have a clean shot and steady rest. Make sure there are no houses or other animals in line of fire.

3. If animal is wounded by signs of blood, or tissue, hunter will pay for the animal regardless of whether or not the animal being recovered. 

4. All animals that are required and regulated by the State of Texas must be properly tagged by hunter before returning to camp.

5. Hunters are responsible for having a valid hunting license and hunter’s safety card, if required.

6. Animals must be taken by legal means of firearms, recognized by Texas Fish and Game Regulations for Rifles, Bows, Cross Bows or Pistols and correct ammunition and caliber.

Release of Liability: Please download, sign and e-mail this Release of Liability form to taturner06@hotmail.com before you arrive on site to hunt.

Violation of any of these rules may result in forfeiture of your deposit and the immediate end of your hunt.

Hunter will need to give notice at least one month in advance to cancel the hunt. Doing this the hunter will get full deposit back.

If hunter does not give notice before that month, hunter will be refunded half of the deposit.  The other option is full deposit can go to a later hunt date if desired.

There will be a 200 dollar a day charge if hunter  does not kill his or her animal to cover guide fees, meals and lodging.