Services that come with the hunt

Hunting Blinds

All blinds are new and well-kept. They come equipped with chairs and are situated in front of one corn feeder and one protein feeder.

Trailer Blinds

We also have trailer blinds to ease getting to targeted game. Trailer blinds are also new and well kept.


1. Jerky and sausage and are included in the hunt.
2. Cleaning of animal comes with package. Gutting, Skinning and quartering of meat.
3. Will take meat to local processor and taxidermist if requested.
4. Transportation around ranch will be provided by owner or guideĀ to hunting blinds and other areas as requested.
5. Food can be purchased for an additional fee. Breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be light Sandwiches etc.
6. Walk in cooler for deer to maintain animals after harvest and processing.
7. Guide will come with hunt. Gratuities are appreciated.
8. Hunter will have 6 deer blinds to choose from, each equipped with 1 corn and 1 protein feeder.


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